First Journal

I read the Sports page of the Pantagraph newspaper every morning when I wake up. I chose this as one of my journal entries because I read it literally every single day. It is mainly about local things that happen in McLean County, like Illinois State, Illinois Wesleyan, and Heartland athletics on an every day basis. It also has the local high school scores and articles about the teams and the standout athletes. Another thing the Sports page talks about is things that happen in professional sports, especially the teams in Illinois like the Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, and White Sox. It gives news about the University of Illinois as well. I like the Pantagraph Sports section a lot because it can keep you updated locally and throughout the nation. I really like when they do the intercity sports previews for all the different sports. It tells me who is going to be good this year and now that I am a junior I know most of the people participating in the sports. However, my favorite thing is to see my name in the paper during tennis season, I got an interview last year which I thought was really cool because I got to read about myself in the sports page that I had been reading since I was a little kid. There really isn’t to many things about this paper that I dislike because there is nothing for me to dislike! I love it all! I would definitely recommend this paper to somebody who likes sports locally and nationally because it is a great way to become informed about the sports that are being played throughout the year. I learn something new every single day when I read the sports page; today, it was that the Packers win over the Cowboys yesterday was tied for the biggest comeback win in franchise history! I think thats pretty cool and I really enjoy learning new things and sharing them with my friends. Some of the questions I have are how many guys write articles every year for the Pantagraph for the whole newspaper not just the sports section? Another question I have is how many hours that the people who run the newspaper work in a given week, that would be interesting to find out for me. I could connect this to the school curriculum because it could help me in a class like Journalism because I kind of know already how to write articles because I have read so many of them. It could also help in a class like Sports Marketing where you try to advertise sports. The newspaper is a great way to advertise sports I believe.  


Baker’s Sociology Class Blog

In Baker’s class we were told to create a blog talking about things that we have read. We have to explain a brief summary of what we have read, the name of the resource, our response to the resource, and our response to the content. This includes what we liked and disliked from the thing we have read, would we recommend it, read it again, and if we still have any questions.